Schedule of Availability of Service:

  • Monday – Friday
  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm without noon break


Who May Avail of the Service :

  • Human Resource Management Officers of agencies or appointees who submitted the appointment for attestation.


What are the Requirements:

Common Requirements for Regular Appointments (All original copies)

  • 3 copies of CS Form 33 (Revised 1998) for regular employees
  • Plantilla Form No. 001 for casuals                    
  • Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212, Revised 2005)

Requirements for Specific Cases

  • Erasures or alterations on appointments
    • Appointments and other documents with erasures or alterations should be duly initialed by authorized officials and accompanied by a communication specifying and authenticating all changes made.
  • Appointee with Decided Administrative/Criminal Case
    • Certified true copy of the decision rendered
    • Appointment by promotion of an employee found guilty in an administrative case - certification of the appointing official as to when the decision rendered became final
  • Discrepancy in Name, Date/Place of Birth. Correct name, date/place of birth shall be ascertained in accordance with the following requirements:
    1. Request Form
    2. Authenticated copy of birth certificate or certificate containing information from the register of birth of the City or Municipality where the requesting party was born
    3. Birth certificate issued on the basis of late registration of birth shall constitute a sufficient evidence to warrant a correction of change of information in the records of the Commission; provided that, other authenticated supporting documents are submitted including:
      1. Baptismal Certificate - unless it has been lost or destroyed during a war, fire, natural calamity or any other fortuitous event as certified by the proper church authority or if the requesting party was not issued any baptismal certificate or other individuals who were not baptized. However, in lieu of authentic and reliable documents, in lieu of a baptismal certificate, which shows the information or data requested to be corrected, must be submitted as mentioned in letter “c”.
      2. Affidavits of two (2) disinterested witnesses
      3. Other Employment, Personal or School Records which would support the entry reflected in the belatedly registered birth certificate and which entry is requested to be reflected in the records of the Commission as the true and correct entry.
  • COMELEC Ban - If appointment to be issued is covered by prohibition, prior exemption from the COMELEC shall be secured and attached to the appointment
  • LGU Appointment - Appointment in local government units for submission to the Commission shall be accompanied, in addition to the common requirements, by the following:
    1. Certification by the proper authority that such appointment is issued in accordance with the limitations provided for under Section 325, RA 7160.
    2. Certification by the Municipal/City/Provincial Accountant/Budget Officer that funds are available for the position to be filled up.
    3. For appointment to department head position, a Sanggunian Resolution embodying the concurrence of the majority of its members as provided for under Section 443, RA 7160; provided, that if said appointment is not concurred in by the Sanggunian within 15 days, certification to that effect shall be issued by the HRMO in lieu of the required resolution.
  • Non-Disciplinary Demotion - Appointment involving demotion which is not disciplinary in nature:
    1. Certification of the agency head that the demotion is not the result of an administrative case
    2. Written consent by the employee that he/she interposes no objection to his/her demotion
  • Licenses - When a license is required by special law for the exercise of a profession or vocation, an appointee must possess the necessary license before he/she may be appointed. Example: licenses issued by the Professional Regulations Commission and the Supreme Court.



Each appointment received by the CSCFO/CSCRO shall be acted upon within 1 hour and 15 minutes after receipt of complete documents, including verification of eligibility and license


How to Avail of the Service:



Service Provider

Duration of Activity

Person in-Charge




Submit the duly accomplished KSS Form 33 (appointment form) together with the complete supporting documents/attachments

If   the appointment is within the jurisdictional cluster of the CSCFO.   Conduct initial evaluation.

  • If complete, record   receipt of appointment using the time stamping machine/stamp receipt on the original, duplicate, and triplicate copies of appointment
  • If incomplete, issue letter to the concerned agency to comply with the requirements


If not within the jurisdictional cluster of the CSCFO, return the appointment and refer the agency’s liaison officer to the concerned CSCRO/FO




KSS Form 33

Record appointment in the Logbook

18 minutes per   appointment






Retrieve S-Card or prepare a new S-Card for original appointments

Review/process appointment and recommend approval/disapproval

20 minutes per appointment

Action Officer



Review and sign the approved/ disapproved appointment (Proceed to Step 2)

17 minutes per appointment

CSC RO Directors – SG 28 & above

CSC FO Directors – SG 26 & below

CSCFO Staff with SG 19 & above – in accordance with CSC Resolution No. 1300980 dated 17 May 2013.



If appointment is disapproved, draft letter informing the agency of the reason/s for disapproval

10 minutes per appointment

Action Officer



Review draft letter for disapproved appointment, Return to the drafter for revision (if necessary) and finalization.

Letter to be signed by the Director.

10 minutes per appointment

Action Officer/Director




Receive processed/reviewed

appointment and letter (if disapproved)

Release the agency copy of the appointment and/or Letter of disapproval to the authorized representative





End of Transaction

Note: Form is available at the Regional Office and can be downloaded HERE.