Schedule of Availability of Service:

  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm without noon break


Who May Avail of the Service:

  • Eligibles who have original copy/ies of the certificate/s of eligibility or report/s of rating in their possession and want it/these authenticated.


What are the Basic Requirements:

  1. Properly accomplished Eligibility/Exam Records Request Form (ERRF)
  2. Original Certificate/Certification of Eligibility or Report of Rating
  3. Certification fee: Php 50.00 per copy
  4. Two (2) valid Identification (ID) Cards

If the requesting party works/lives abroad, provide duly authenticated/validated by the Philippine Embassy or Consular Office the following:

  1. Copy of Passport; and
  2. Copy of one (1) Identification Card

Note: Valid ID contains applicant’s clear picture, date of birth, signature, and signature of the authorized head of the issuing agency such as Driver’s License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, Philhealth ID, current Company/Office ID, current School ID, Postal ID, BIR ID, Barangay ID, Voter’s ID, Valid Passport, or Police Clerance. Any ID not included in the list shall NOT be accepted.


Special Requirement:

  1. NSO-Issued Marriage Contract for women who married after taking the examination


What are the Additional Requirements if request is filed through a representative:

  1. Authorization Letter or Special Power of Attorney (SPA);
  2. One (1) valid Identification Card of the Representative


Duration: 25 minutes


How to Avail of the Service:

Step   Applicant/Client  Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances)   Person in
Fees  Form 

Fill-out Eligibility/Exam Records Request Form (ERRF).

Receive/review accomplished ERRF; issue Order of Payment; and advise client to pay to the Cashier. 1 minute ESD Personnel
  ERRF (revised 011911); and Order of Payment

Wait for the request to be processed

Verify/validate data and information based on the records.

If record is accurate, photocopy the certificate/certification of eligibility (COE) or Report of Rating (ROR) and Identification Card.

Review data/findings and authenticate.

Issue Order Payment and advise client to pay at the Cashier.

 15 minutes


 2 minutes


3 minutes


1 minute

ESD Personnel


ESD Personnel

Supervisor/ Sr Personnel

ESD Personnel


Pay to the Cashier.

Process payment and issue Official Receipt (OR)

1 minute

Cashier P50.00 per copy Official Receipt
4 Affix signature on the release portion of the ERRF or file copy Release the Authenticated Copy of the Certification of Eligibility to client 2 minutes ESD Personnel   Authenticated copy

Note: Form is available at the Regional Office and can be downloaded HERE. The 30-minute processing time is for one or two clients being served at one time. The time is extended when there are more clients.